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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Uluru & Kata Tjuta National park

Rising out of the surrounding Central Australian desert, Uluru and Kata Tjuta dominate the landscape. The spectacular red rocks and domes are millions upon millions of years old.

They are undeniable world landmarks.  Traditional landowners the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people tell that Uluru and Kata Tjuta were shaped by their creation ancestors. In their travels they left marks in the land and made laws to keep and live by.  They welcome visitors to learn and share about their ancestors and culture.
A photographers paradise, the light and change of colours in the atmosphere you’ll view at dawn and dusk is unlike anywhere we’ve seen.  The dawn walk around the base of Uluru is outstanding. Listening to the softly spoken and enchanting words of the locals retelling their ancient stories of how various parts of Uluru came to be and seeing the rock art makes you feel quite fortunate.

The formations at Kata Tjuta are quite different from Uluru and offer an out of the ordinary walking experience.  Weaving through the multiple spectacular geological formations giving you a sense of scale and again captures the colours and shades of the Red Centre.
The renowned Sounds of Silence dinner will leave you with no doubt of the enormity of  space with a night sky like no other
You’ll understand why Uluru - Kata Tjuta are more than just Natural Landmark's and are true wonders of the world when combined with the authentic, heartfelt accounts of the local people.

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