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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Climbing to the Top of the World in Sydney. By your Experience Travel Consultant - Renee

Unsure of what to expect from attempting to get the top of one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, I wasn’t exactly nervous but maybe filled with slight trepidation…..  Once at “Climb Base” you know you’re in the hands of the experts.  Joining the rest of your group you complete the mandatory forms before heading off to a “Nasa” like landing room where you are distributed your gear… overalls, radio, hat, sunglass straps, headphones, jackets, harness… and even a hankie to tie around your wrist!  That’s when you realise these things falling off you while 440ft above people wouldn’t have a good outcome! 

A briefing with our Climb Leader “Luke” and a dummy spin around some replica bridge ladders and we’re off.  The walk to the entrance of the climb is probably as close as I’ll ever come to being an astronaut about to be launched into space.  Once out on the bridge, you really do get a sense of awe about what you are about to do.  Even though the bridge wasn’t designed as a tourist attraction, rather than the necessity of linking the North of Sydney to the South, it’s quite astounding how the experience lends itself to allowing you to get used to being high up before you emerge onto the steep ladders taking you to the Arches of the Bridge.  By the time you get to the “most vertically” challenging part of the journey, you really are okay with being suspended high above the traffic.  

As you make your steady way to the top on the Bridge, you are talked through the history of the Bridge and it’s creating through your climb leader.  I felt like I was transported back to the 1920’s as the bridge takes shape beneath you and I can only imagine the outstanding bravery of the men who worked on the bridge without safety harnesses! No such thing as Health and Safety in those days!

At the top it started to rain, but we weren’t disappointed for long, over the Opera House appeared not one, but two rainbows!  An event our climb leader said hadn’t happened in his 100+ climbs.  It really was an experience not to be missed, the views, the history, the absolute magnificence of engineering.  I would highly recommend doing the Bridge Climb to anyone.

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