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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Kings Canyon by Quad Bike

Kings Canyon Resort: Australian Outback Tours & Adventures Follow the call of the untamed Never Never to a place you'll never, ever forget

Between the ancient beauty of Alice Springs and iconic Uluru (Ayers Rock), discover the spellbinding scenery and jaw-dropping experience of the Australian outback at Kings Canyon.
Holiday in the heart of Watarrka National Park, where the unspoiled bush and red rock canyons of The Red Centre create an unforgettable outback adventure. Bring your sense of wonder, your family or friends, and discover a private audience with an ancient land, all on your own terms. Whether it’s a dawn rim hike in the quiet before sunrise, or an exhilarating helicopter tour of the Garden of Eden, you’ll find new perspective in Kings Canyon. You’ll have the chance to meet and experience the culture of the Karkke indigenous community.
Kings Creek Station is a working cattle and camel station. It’s outside Watarrka National Park and therefore able to offer quad biking and camel rides. Now this is an adventure you’ll never forget.

Journey through the tugged outback taking in spectacular scenery whilst riding through wild bush and over red sand dunes searching for wildlife, Learn a little about outback station life from the stockmen guides as you pause to view the splendor of the George Gill Range. Your adventure takes you through the cattle country where you will often see santa/southern cattle and, occasionally, surprising feral camels, kangaroos and dingoes. Majestic wedge-tailed eagles are often sighted, gilding in the sky looking for prey, while below colourful parrots and other native bird life flit around the scrub.
We love the late afternoon tour to enjoy a magnificent sunset at the secluded lookout

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Considering this trip was arranged entirely by E-Mail from the UK there was not one part of it that did not fall into place. From a very sketchy itinerary, Michel Hall put together a plan to ensure my wife and I got full value from the time available. All hotels and pre booked activities were in place as we arrived at them. We took a leap of blind faith when we left the UK and were rewarded with a very professional service which I thoroughly recommend. -... READ MORE

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