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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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Coral Expeditions

After completing the inaugural Coral Expeditions Tasmanian season, I have come away with a new perspective of the State. I did a land-based self-drive tour a few years ago, but after cruising on Coral Expeditions I, was stunned by the scenery when viewed from the sea.

The grandeur of the capes and headlands is nothing short of spectacular.  The walks we do are amazing and we cater for all fitness levels.  Convict and early explorer history abounds at some of these iconic locations.

During our visit to Adventure Bay on Bruny Island, guests have the opportunity to hike the spectacular Fluted Cape with our guides, or alternatively a more gentle walk to the remains of a whaling operation.  Afterwards, we visit the Bligh Museum – a small but comprehensive collection of explorer history.

As Coral Expeditions I transits the coast, the Captain guides the vessel through a stunning gap between Cape Pillar and Tasman Island.  To me this is one of the most awe inspiring parts of the trip – and we convey this to the guests via the ship’s PA.

Weather permitting, the visit to Port Davey is spectacular.  However we must bear in mind that the Southern Ocean is quite fickle and sometimes the weather window of opportunity to go there does not present itself.  In this instance, we alter the itinerary and plan for enjoyable alternative destinations.

Also on occasion (again weather permitting) we utilize our wonderful tender, the ‘Explorer’, to cruise very close to towering cliffs, columns and sea caves – spotting marine life such as whales, dolphins, seals and sea birds.

In summary, I have found the Tasmanian cruise to be a challenging yet rewarding experience with much personal satisfaction and knowledge gained, which in turn is passed on to the guests.

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