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Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

Collect your favourite destinations, experiences and travel styles in your bucket list

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We're an indecisive bunch when it comes to our favourite Australian Experiences, here are our new local obsessions.

Surfing Kangaroos at Jervis Bay

Posted by Nigel Bale on April 21, 2016

We’ve packed our small car with the tent, bathers and a few other essentials (fishing rod) and hit the Sydney roads south in search of Jervis bay.  The locals know it simply as JB, a code to potentially disguise what might be one of the most picturesque places in NSW.
After being distracted by the dazzling white sand beaches and crystal clear snorkelling in search of the leafy sea dragon found in these waters, we set up camp reasonably late at Caves Beach and went to bed with the white flour sand and the bottom of the sleeping bag.

At daybreak I feel a warm body laying against me from the outside of the tent. A bit weird, as my girlfriend is still tucked up next to me.  Peering out of tent I’m greeted by locals strewn out across the clearing, under trees and one lent right on my tent.  The locals are of the marsupial variety, Kangaroo who also recognise this area as a secret paradise.


After a second try of cooking my breakfast, as the row of kookaburra laugh at me and eat my toast, we head down the track past an Echidna to the surf at Caves Beach.  To my surprise I’ve been beaten here too, the beach again is crowded by locals, and again not a human in sight.  Kangaroos frolicking waist (do kangaroos have waists?) deep in the surf!  I thought I’d unearthed a world first but when returning to civilization it turns out Kangaroos do like the water.

After a full day finding private beach spots to our own, visiting the significant cultural sites and of course a spot of fishing we laid back knowing you couldn’t get a more naturally Australian day than this.
I’ve been back many times, sometimes to camp, sometimes staying in the relaxed accommodation available in the area. A secluded powder white sand bay was also the perfect spot I later chose to propose to my wife.

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